Einkehrtag "Wonderful Cosmos – Science and Creation"

Einkehrtag "Wonderful Cosmos – Science and Creation"

Am 30. März 2019

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When we look up to the sky at night and see the stars, we can immediately feel how amazing and wonderful our world is.

The penetrating view modern astronomy affords with its telescopes gives us spectacular pictures of the cosmos. Together with scientific theories we come to new descriptions of the whence and where of nature and humanity. All this knowledge helps us to see how marvelous our world is. Science and the marvel of creation are no longer a contradiction. A complementary view can deepen the understanding of them both. The day will help us to find traces of the wonder in our cosmos and bring together science and faith in a fruitful dialogue. If the sky allows it, in the evening we will observe the beauty of the starry sky with and without a telescope.